At Viking HVAC we are experts in maintaining and tuning systems to run at peak performance. Our field technicians are experts at tuning your equipment to keep breakdowns at a minimum and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Energy Saving Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

  • Ice buildup on coils

  • Increased wear on the system (leading to costly damage and malfunctions)

  • Lowered cooling capacity

  • Lowered heat transfer

  • Higher temperatures and operating pressures

  • Higher energy consumption (dirty coils use up to 30% more energy than units with clean coils)

Maintenance Contracts

With all of the day to day concerns of running a business, it is far too easy to neglect your building’s HVAC system. If it seems to be running fine, why should you incur the added expense of maintenance? Because ignoring maintenance can have drastic consequences for your bottom line.

Maximum Efficiency

Regular maintenance can help insure that your heating and cooling equipment is running as efficiently as it was designed to, saving your business money every month on utility costs.

Every plan is handled individually to custom fit your residential or commercial needs.

Cost Prevention

Regular maintenance on your building’s HVAC system can extend the life of your equipment, keeping replacement costs down. The premature failure of your heating and air conditioning equipment could cost you thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars.


Squires Electric

" We have appreciated working with Viking for many years. They're commitment to high quality work and cost saving efficiency is excellent. Their capabilities of designing and installing new systems is great and we also use them to do all our preventative maintenance in our own facilities"

Chefstable Group

“For over 10 years, ChefStable has exclusively relied on Viking Sheet Metal as our HVAC vendor and kitchen hood installation experts. The professional, high-quality craftsmanship they provide during fabrication and installation come at a very competitive price . We look forward to trusting Viking with our future projects.”

Jennifer H.
Watts Heating & Cooling

“We choose Viking Sheetmetal as our sheet metal fabricators because of their consistently high quality of work, the quick turnaround on projects of all sizes, and because their customer service is unmatched. For us, there is no other choice for sheet metal fabrication.

Loren Watts, President
45th Parallel Building

“We have been working with Viking over the past year, and they have been excellent to work with. They are responsive to our needs, they do a thorough and complete job, and they are with us every step of the way on our projects. We highly recommend the Viking team for your next HVAC project!”

Nat Borchers, Owner

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